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Work your core: How to do side plank crunches | Herbalife Fit Tips


Have you tried my basic side plank exercise? And, are you trying to get increased core strength and perfect your balance? If the answer is yes, then this move is for you!

I’m Samantha Clayton, fitness expert and former competitive sprinter. I’m working with Herbalife to help you achieve a healthy, active life.

Get into the perfect side plank position by laying on your right side keep your legs straight and this time stagger your feet. This will ensure you remain balanced.

Prop your upper body up on your right elbow and forearm ensuring your shoulder is directly in line with your elbow. Raise your hips until your body forms a nice straight line from your ankles all the way up to your shoulders, and place your left hand behind your head. Now move your left elbow toward your right hand and then come back up and you open up your chest come down and then open up to the starting position. Try to keep your hips stacked for the entire move.

Now if you want to increase the intensity and really challenge your abs – give this oblique crunch a try!

We are going to go up into side plank on your hand like so, now lift one leg up and place your hand out to the side. Now we are going to do side crunches by bringing your knee up to meet your elbow like this. Elbow to knee maintain a nice straight line. Now this variation works your oblique muscles and will work your hip flexors and shoulders too.

As you can see, this move does not require a large space making it a great strength move to do when traveling or in the comfort of your own home. Pick the exercise that feels right for you and always remember to focus on your spinal and neck alignment.

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Thanks, Samantha x